What makes a great moving box

Clear Packaging Moving Box sat on top of 10 flat packed moving boxes

Why do I need to spend money on moving boxes when I can get them for free from the supermarket?

That’s a fair question and if money is tight maybe you could get away with using supermarket boxes, but it’s not recommended. Supermarket boxes are not built for moving house, they are usually made out of single walled cardboard, basically built for single-use only. They also come in all shapes and sizes, so very difficult to stack in the back of the removals van.

So what does make a great moving box?

Double walled & corrugated cardboard example

Double the strength

You really do need your moving boxes to keep your precious items safe and not burst open at any inopportune moment such as walking from the removals van to the house. 

Quality moving boxes need to be made from double walled,  corrugated cardboard so they can handle heavy items without bulging or even worse ripping.

Handy labelling

There is nothing worse than getting into your new property and not being able to find the kettle to make a well earned cup of tea!

Great moving boxes should have an easy to use label on every side of the box, so at a glance you can move boxes into their relevant rooms without having to prise them open and dig inside, all the clear packaging moving boxes come with handy labelling.

Stack well

Your moving boxes really need to stack well, the last thing you want is a box avalanche in the back of the van when you open the doors.

Our moving boxes have been designed to stack well with each other, so you can buy a mixture of medium and large sized moving boxes without the hassle of playing Tetris in the back of the van.

The Clear Packaging moving boxes are also designed so one person can carry the box by themselves.

After each box is empty, great moving boxes should have the ability to be flattened which makes them easy to store away ready for the next time you move or need a sturdy box to store things in.

Stacked moving boxes

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