Tips on being ECO-FRIENDLY whilst moving home

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Moving home doesn’t mean you have to throw all your environmental ethics out the window. There are plenty of ways to keep your wastage and CO2 emissions down.

Here at Clear packaging we have put together some tips and ideas to help you keep your environmental credentials whilst moving home…

Remember to give yourself plenty time to get things done, we recommend you start 3 months before your move.

Don't be wasteful

It’s time to check the freezer and eat your way through it! Then move your way through your dried food store, cans of food, pasta, rice and not forgetting the fridge! Too much food is wasted and it’s too tempting sometimes just to throw items of food away, so planning and being organised is essential. Remember there are always food banks you can take your unwanted in-date food items to.

Don't be wasteful - Part 2

You are also going to look at some furniture and decide it’s not going with you to your new home. Offer unwanted furniture up to to neighbours or on Facebook or WhatsApp groups, what you deem to be unsuitable for you may be a “find” to someone else. As an ECO warrior “Landfill” should be your last resort!


Unwanted shoes, clothes, DVDs, CDs, pictures, books, toys are no place for landfill. Bag them up and take it to your charity shop of choice, there are plenty of them So there’s no excuse!


If you are unsure what you can and cannot recycle in your area we have found a brilliant website created by the charity WRAP (The Waste and Resources Action Programme).

This website lets you know what to recycle and what to throw. Remember the less stuff you take to your next home, the lighter your removal van’s load will be. Which results in less energy needed to transport it.

Use the right type of boxes

Protection is key to keeping all your precious homely goods safe, especially plates, cups, pictures, electronics etc. We sell fantastic environmentally friendly packaging products which have been designed to protect your items and we always recommend  you use removal boxes which are designed for moving home rather than flimsy secondhand supermarket boxes – it’s better for the environment not to have to replace expensive or precious items.

The great thing about our removal boxes is they can be flat packed afterwards, stored away and used for the next time you move, well we do move on average 8 times in our lifetime.

Removal Van

Choose a removal company which only uses EEV Standard vehicles, the last thing you want is a diesel hungry, high polluting beast which would work better as a smoke machine rather than a removal van!


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