Packing Tips When Moving Home

Young couple thinking about moving home

Moving home can be and will be one of the most stressful occasions of modern life. However like most stressful tasks there are hacks and tips to make the job a lot easier, after all for-warned is for-armed!

Timing is everything - don't leave it to the last minute!

Make sure you get all your ducks in a row way before your moving day including:

Where to start...

There’s no point packing every day items at the very start, these need to go in at the very end, so you start with the rooms and spaces you don’t use very often, such as the loft, the shed etc. Start boxing up your season decorations, keepsakes and spare room stuff – you will be glad you have these items and places sorted especially with the moving date is looming.

Moving home checklist
Lists are your superpower!

We are all human and we will forget things especially when moving home as there are a million and one things to remember.

SO, lists are super handy and are what stands between you and the forgetful you.

There's method to your packing
This isn't a test to see if you're Britain's strongest man/woman!

Do not overfill your boxes, making them too heavy will result in you getting a hernia and the box splitting open, the floor or the back of a dirty van isn’t the place for your precious items. We recommend you use removal boxes which are made for the job which are super strong and have dedicated labelling space.

Please note; we recommend you do not exceed 25kgs in any box, your back will thanks us halfway through your house move – that’s a promise.


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