How to protect your stuff when moving home

Let’s not sugar coat this, moving home is stressful, in fact The Holmes and Rahe Stress Points shows that if a death of a spouse is 100 points, moving home is 25 points, put that into perspective; it’s a quarter amount of stress of the most stressful occurrence of your life!

It does get easier...

Once you have moved house it does get easier, because you learn processes and how to do things from past moves, and as you’ve moved house before it’s not an unknown event.

Moving everything that you have collected over the years safely

Well first and foremost you need to read our Packing Tips When Moving Home post which may help you declutter, however if you are ready to start, packing your precious belongings away safely ready for transportation is a sure way of keeping all your precious items in one piece.

Over the years boffins have been designing boxes, wrapping and packing supplies to protect specific items including pictures frames, crockery, furniture, mattresses and so on. 

Moving boxes (boxes which are specifically designed for moving home) have been designed to be strong, easily stackable and not too big so you don’t need two people to lift it….

Designed to protect

These boxes have been designed to stack incredibly well and are a great size to carry from home to van and then on to your new home.

Size: Medium = 46cm x 34cm x 35cm – Large = 45cm x 45cm x 50cm

Built using double walled, heavy duty cardboard which will keep your possessions secure and the box won’t split open as you’re walking to the van!

One of the most common items which get damaged whilst moving home are picture frames, especially their corners.

So give them the ultimate protection, we recommend protective corners, bubble wrap and a picture frame box – but you might be able to get away with bubble wrap and box.

Size: Various sizes – see all picture frame protection products

Also great for posting out pictures or alternatively protecting your flat screen TV’s.

Your lovely mattress, somewhere where you spend 8 hours lying on doesn’t deserve to be shoved in the back of a removals van picking up dust and all sorts of other nasties – hence why the mattress protection cover for moving home was created.

Size: Single, double and king.

Clear Packaging mattress covers are made of breathable materials so your mattress can breathe whilst in transit.

Books are heavy and if you fill a big box full of books you’ll need an army to lift it or you’ll do some damage to your back. Our book boxes have been designed to take approximately 25 books which is the ideal weight to cart from your home to the van.

Size: 275mm x 250mm x 250mm

Our furniture sits in our houses, kept clean and away from dirt and dust, why should moving house be any different!

Our breathable covers come in all sizes and protect whilst in transit.

Size: Dining Chair, armchair, 2, 3 & 4 seater sofas – see range of furniture covers

And finally wrapping, whether it’s bubble wrap (which we now only sell eco-friendly biodegradable bubble wrap) or our recycled paper wrap, your breakables need to be cushioned; not wrapping your crockery before putting inside your moving boxes  is really living on the edge, you must be a maverick, a real rebel and you must love a trip to Ikea!

Sizes: Multiple sizes and weights – more details can be found here


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