How to pack boxes for moving home

3 young adults smiling and popping their heads out over moving boxes having taken our advice on packing boxes when moving home

Some people love packing boxes when moving home! At Clear Storage we love packing boxes especially as we have the right equipment to make it easy. We thought we’d put all this packing practice to good use and share our packing boxes knowledge with you.

Our aim is to help you move home in the least stressful manner, helping you pack efficiently, safely and ultimately creating stackable boxes, because let’s face it no one wants a box avalanche in the back of the van!

Use the right Moving Box

Using the right moving boxes is the foundation to a good move. Boxes should not be packed if they are bulging and buckling under the strain. Large boxes with extremely heavy items are a big no-no especially with the professional moving community, there’s a chance that the items inside may spill out and break or someone could get injured. We have specialist book boxes which are smaller and thicker for packing books into.

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One box one room

It’s wishful thinking that you could get all one room’s possessions into one box. It’s not a great move to put items from different rooms into one box. It’s harder to label and once you get to the unpacking stage having to go from room to room when emptying the box is extremely inefficient. Packing all similar items together makes life so much simpler.

Label to elevate confusion

Label each box with a room name of the content’s origin or its destination (which ever suits your situation) plus if you can, a list of contents.

Now you have got the right rules in place, it’s time to start packing….

Make your boxes bottom heavy

By putting all the heavy items at the bottom of the box and the lighter items at the top they are a lot more stable due to gravitational forces PLUS you won’t squash all the lighter items. In the back of the van tip: When packing the van stack, the heaviest boxes at the bottom and the light boxes above, for exactly the same reason.

Fill your boxes

Try not to leave empty spaces inside the boxes as this will make them unstable and unbalanced. Void fill using our recycled paper wrap / packing paper or even packing blankets.

Wrap it up

When packing breakable items make sure you wrap them up in either bubble wrap or recycled packing paper to avoid breakages.

Tape It Up

The best tape to use is paper packing tape, it’s better for the environment plus it’s easier to peel off when unpacking. Moving boxes are also great for storing stuff and sticking them in your attic or dry cellar.

Quick pointers when packing boxes to move home….

  • Only use strong double walled corrugated boxes
  • Take care of your back and DON’T make your boxes too heavy (no more than 25kg)
  • Pack heavy items at the bottom of the box and heavier boxes at the bottom of the van
  • Don’t put different room items into one box
  • Label every box
  • Use a strong tape for the boxes


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